What ToDo

What ToDo 1.3.2

Stay focused and get things done


  • Clear organization
  • Integrates with Quicksilver
  • Import and export


  • No interaction with iCal
  • No search tool
  • No tutorial

Very good

There's a plethora a task management tools out there and it's not always easy to choose which one is best for you. What ToDo is a clean application to handle your to do lists easily.

The application organizes your projects in folders, which are saved on the left side of the interface and you can create as many subtasks as needed.

The tree view in the main part of the interface can be extended or collapsed and you just need to check a task that is completed. It will then appear as greyed out.

What ToDo allows you to set a due date, thanks to the calendar in the right window pane, and you can add color and bold for important tasks.

What ToDo also makes it really easy to import and export todo lists at will. If you work with the Quicksilver application launcher you'll be glad to know that What ToDo integrates perfectly with it.

What it doesn't integrate with, surprisingly, is iCal. We were also disappointed not to find any search box. Although the program is easy to use, we would have liked to see a startup tutorial, so new users can learn how to create a new project.

What ToDo is a new task management application for MacOS X. Forget post-its stuck to the screen, no more ink scrawls on the palm of your hand — with What ToDo you'll be organized, stay focused and get more done.

While it is geared towards the popular work-life management system Getting Things Done, What ToDo is designed to be flexible enough to be used for your own personal to-do system if GTD isn't your thing.

What ToDo


What ToDo 1.3.2

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